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January 20, 2012
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Ortosis Fire Dragon by 1Rich1 Ortosis Fire Dragon by 1Rich1
My entry for :iconwarpiggg:'s design a dragon contest [link] I hope you like it.

Also a little bit of lore to help describe the dragon.

Dytheric Arvin Ere Ath'ce "the embodied eagle of destruction" or known in the common tongue as "Black Death Dytherath."

Dalander survivors of the walled settlement of Arthenia in the eastern edges of Padlyr report this ancient fire dragon towered roughly 40' in hight. The beast was said to vomit flames and summon balls of balefire from it's talons.

Villagers who were able to flee into the shelter of a nearby forrest tell tales of the wyrm being covered in rainbow coloured scales which were able to deflect all but the strongest attacks. Apparently the creatures body was covered with veins which seemed to be pulsing molten lava.

When questioned where the beast had attacked from, the survivors claimed to have heard sounds of a large battle underground before the wyrm had burst from the ground in the middle of the settlement in a ball of flames launching into the sky returning to rain fiery death upon any that stood in its way.

When researching the history of Arthenia, the overseer of the Asconia records found an entry claiming the settlement had been built over the ruins of a Naga city.

This could explain the appearance of the dragon which has been seen in the vicinity of other known Naga ruins. A translation of Naga Hieroglyphs claim the wyrm was called "The embodied eagle of destruction."

Reports from Dalander caravans have sighted a beast of its description heading west towards the Rithwyn mountains leaving burnt ruins of towns in its wake.

A detachment of Asconian soldiers and two groups of mercenaries have be deployed to intercept it before it can cause more destruction.

May the Tetrad protect us

"An ancient fire dragon encrusted with brilliant crystal scales who was said to deeply resent the creations of the Tetrad which he blamed for the shattering of the world. When he returned weak from the deep slumber he discovered his city in ruins and his children massacred, the dragon's mind broke.

He is now searching for other slumbering dragons on a mad quest to gain more power, he has taken to devouring them to gain their magical powers. He wishes to use the powers stolen from other dragons to summon a undead army of Naga which would cover Ortosis in a sea of black death."

Thanks for viewing :)
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It wont bite me if I try to ride it right?
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